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An image showcasing the concept of disruption and change in various organizational contexts. It illustrates the dynamics of change management processes, including change behaviour and transformative change. Explore strategic approaches to organizational change, guided by change management consulting and business change management principles. Witness the evolution of management and change in project management, along with the impact of culture change management and behavioural change management strategies. Delve into the complexities of organisational change management, IT change management, and the role of change consultants in driving transformative initiatives.

The Four V’s

The main characteristics of the processes that transform the resources into outputs are generally categorised, into four dimensions Volume, Variety, Variation and Visibility. The heartbeat of operations management lays in the ability to manage core activities that transform key resources into deliverable products or services.  The process of creating the products and services are based fundamentally […]

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Ways to develop Innovation in your business

The rate at which globalisation is constantly changing the external landscape has underlined the strategic importance within organisations to develop capabilities that ensure the continued process of seeking out all forms of innovation to keep the competitive advantage in the commercial marketplace because when innovation is created and implemented, marketplace needs are met and when

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Cost saving in your business using the 5 Performance Objectives

There’s more to running a business than just buying and selling products and services. Get your back end operations wrong and you could be losing money unnecessarily. There are really only two options when it comes to growing an business – increase revenue and/or decrease the operating costs. Managers often focus too heavily on cutting

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