Governance & Control

Governance & Control

Governance and control are indispensable in the realm of change management, serving as the linchpins that uphold organisational transformation. Through a robust framework of governance, businesses can navigate the turbulent waters of change with confidence, reaping a plethora of advantages along the way. 

Clarity and Accountability: Governance frameworks bring clarity to the murky waters of change, delineating roles, responsibilities, and decision-making channels with precision. By illuminating the path forward, stakeholders are empowered to grasp their roles and shoulder accountability, fostering a culture of ownership and dedication. 

Risk Mitigation: Effective governance mechanisms act as bulwarks against the tides of uncertainty, identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks that threaten the success of change initiatives. By pre-emptively addressing potential pitfalls, organisations safeguard themselves against disruptions, ensuring smooth sailing during implementation. 

Compliance and Regulation: Governance structures serve as custodians of compliance, ensuring that change initiatives adhere to a tapestry of internal policies, industry regulations, and legal mandates. By navigating the labyrinth of compliance, organisations shield themselves from the spectre of penalties and reputational harm, fostering trust and reliability among stakeholders.

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Resource Allocation: Within the framework of governance, resource allocation becomes a finely-tuned symphony, harmonising budgetary constraints, temporal considerations, and human capital to bolster change initiatives. By optimising resource allocation, organisations maximise efficiency and minimise waste, propelling change efforts towards fruition. 

Alignment with Strategic Objectives: Governance mechanisms act as compasses, guiding change initiatives towards alignment with the North Star of strategic objectives. By ensuring this symbiosis, organisations channel their energies into initiatives that promise long-term value and competitive edge, steering clear of distractions that veer from strategic intent. 

Transparency and Communication: Governance structures serve as conduits of transparency, fostering open channels of communication that traverse the organisational landscape. Through transparent dialogue, stakeholders are engaged, resistance is quelled, and collaboration flourishes, laying the groundwork for successful change implementation. 

Quality Assurance: Governance frameworks weave a tapestry of quality assurance, monitoring and evaluating change initiatives at every turn. By conducting meticulous reviews, organisations unearth areas for refinement, ensuring that changes not only meet but exceed expectations, delivering on promises of performance and outcomes. 

Continuous Improvement: Governance mechanisms kindle the flames of continuous improvement, transforming change initiatives into fertile grounds for learning and innovation. By capturing lessons from the trenches of change, organisations evolve, adapt, and refine their approaches, propelling themselves towards a horizon of ongoing excellence.

In summary, governance and control in change management serve as the bedrock upon which successful transformation is built. Through their guiding hand, organisations navigate change with purpose and poise, realising the full spectrum of benefits that accompany strategic evolution.

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Our philosophy is that an organisation with a strong culture of innovation, creativity and change management is an organisation that has identified, one of the few ways to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.


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With a delicate hybrid of innovation and creative change management tools, S.M.A.R.T consultants create value, reduce costs and help form a sustainable competitive advantage. 

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Seeking out creative solutions to help change happen seemlessly with minimal disruption to business.

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All end-to-end cycle of change programmes end in better organisational performance.

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To meet and engage with the leadership teams and stakeholders to listen to the case for change.


S.M.A.R.T consultants will review the organisations framework and operational readiness and potential Impact across the whole business.

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S.M.A.R.T consultants will carefully plan & design a seamless change with the latest change methodologies, including risk, communication and resistance.

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Execution of the plan with workable KPI's and OKR's with constant reviews and ongoing support and guidance.

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