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About Us

S.M.A.R.T provides professional consultation to, small & medium size businesses in the South West, by providing solutions to complex issues within any business structure.  Our tailor made service will transform and enhance your business. Our highly experienced people have a comprehensive understanding of best practice in business and how this translates to the bottom line by providing impartial, objective and highly-focused input.

You will receive an initial 2 hour consultation at no charge, and we will quickly appraise any situation, work alongside your team and bring a new experience and a fresh pair of eyes to the table,  gather information and create a plan of action, help you to implement the plan to restore confidence in management, investors and lenders.

We have a focused, no-nonsense approach that gets plans moving so you can quickly see real results. We will meet regularly with you to communicate progress and discuss ongoing recommendations based on structured operational and financial KPI’s.

Whilst we are flexible and able to apply our skills to many sectors, eCommerce, stock-holding,  businesses are at the heart of what we do and have some very clever analytic tools to enable organisations make decisions quickly and with confidence, secure in the knowledge that the implications of key options have been thoroughly explored.

Our Services

S.M.A.R.T offers friendly, jargon-free, consultation using a wide range of clever tools to help businesses perform better.

Operational Strategies

Is about improving productivity, systems and processes, getting more out of your team by managing projects better and structuring your team so that you get more out of your people. Our expert team can use tried and tested strategies to gain the most effective solutions, giving clarity to direction with communication being at the heart of it.


Financial Strategies

Whether seeking it, needing it, investing it or increasing it, – Having reliable, financial information gives you a huge advantage. It is essential that the correct financial planning and structure is carefully planned and implemented.  Our team will develop financial business plans and forecasts to help your organisation grow and respond to your marketplace.



The combination of aesthetics, functionality and inventory, drive an e-commerce business. Our team will apply techniques and indicators to ensure professional management of the design and functionality of your site, with performance indicators applied to your inventory as this is crucial to a product holding business, as stock represents one of the major assets to your business and mismanaged inventories can create significant financial problems.

Marketing Strategies

By the process of accurately segmenting the market to identify and target, high yielding segments, provide clear opportunities of positioning in the marketplace to capitalise on. Our team will help you tailor your message and put the right mix of marketing approaches in place so that you bring your sales and marketing activities together effectively in a coherent marketing plan.

Change Management

Change in the internal and external environment is an inevitable part of business and each cycle of change requires a set of special strategic solutions with effective communication at the very heart, to help the people affected by the change, ensure people get on board with the initiative and reduce levels of resistance.

Business Recovery

Our business recovery team offers practical and very realistic advice to individuals and businesses on how best to deal with very stressful financial difficulties. Our experience brings, structured planning, negotiation skills and insolvency procedures that are vital in saving businesses.

How we work


1. Engage with your


The Key Decision Maker

The Team

Daily Contact


2. Understand your


Your Market Sector

Your Current Business Model

Your Business Aspirations


3. Plan the best
solution for you.


Operational & Financial KPI’s

Review & Adjust Budgets

Strategic Planning


4. Develop and Deploy.


Clear Business Analysis

Workable Business Model

Ongoing Support & Guidance

Adding Value

We provide businesses with cost-effective, accessible professional resources that makes a real difference.



Market and Sector Research

Competitive Analysis

Vulnerability To External Change

Business Recovery



Managing Staff & Performance

Operational KPI’s

Financial KPI’s

Management Reports



Cashflow Projections

Profit & Loss


Funding & Grant Access



Website Performance

Inventory Management

Margin Analysis


Write your principles in pen and your business model in pencil.

‘Our aim is to seek out and sustain your competitive advantage’

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